This name has been a subject of contention on one of my boards lately. Some love it, some hate it, some think it’s hokey on an eighth child, some would only use it on one, and so on and so forth. I’m torn myself, so let’s check it out

What I like about Octavia is the sturdy sound and classical pedigree. Although the name is quite frilly, the hard ct sound keeps it from being fluffy. I’m not a huge fan of overly frilly names, though (Henrietta notwithstanding), so I feel like Octavia is a little princessy for my tastes. I also like the fact that it’s been in use so long, and is well established.

I do dislike a few things about the name, though. First is that it reminds me of octopi. This guy down below, especially. Does that mean I played too much Pokemon as a kid?

A Pokemon Octopus

A Pokemon Octopus

Maybe, but it also means that Octavia puts a weird image in my head. Second strike against Octavia is the lack of nicknames. Octie is ugly, Tavia downmarket sounding. Via is probably the most viable, but it’s a little weird. Tavi might work, but it’s too close to Davy, which I hate. My third problem with Octavia is the meaning. 8th child isn’t exactly exciting, and readily apparent from the name itself. I mean, Catherine isn’t any great shakes either, (pure) but it’s still more exciting than “8th.” The only way that the meaning is exciting at all is if the child has anything to do with eights. Being born at 8:08 or 8/8 or being an eighth child. Which brings me to my last issue with the name: it’s just weird if the kid doesn’t have anything to do with eights.

Going into this post, I knew that Octavia was something I’d never use. I can appreciate it, but in the end, it just isn’t for me. I think I like it less than I did going in, though. The cons for me outweigh the pros.

What do you think?