Today’s post is going to be on a group of names that, I confess, I’ve never given much thought to. They’re pretty hot right now, though, showing a parent’s hopes, expectations, or religious convictions. Yep, that’s right, today’s post is on virtue names.

I never really liked most of the names in this group; I always thought that they were much too literal at best and holier-than-thou at worst. I mean, sure, you might like the name, but what if Grace is anything but graceful? What if Hope is an eternal pessimist? It just seems too risky. Of course, many parents today are choosing to use these names in the middle, probably due in large part to the fact that many are monosyllabic and go with pretty much anything. One famous example is Angie Harmon’s children, Finley Faith, Avery Grace, and Emery Hope. Of course, I find these too matchy, along with the vomit-tastic surname/boys names’ on girls trend. Anyway, let’s make some lists! (Edit: This turned out to be a bit of a novel, but I think it’s broken up enough that it’s easy to read.)