Well, a few days/week or so after everyone else talked about Rufus, I’ve finally decided to do a post on it.

I like Rufus. I think it’s got a really nice sound and feel; hipster yet handsome, you might say. Besides the fact that Rufus Wainwright is one of my favorite singers:

Aka teh hot

Aka teh hot

So I’ve got lovely reason to use it. However, I worry about the usability and dog associations. I don’t know, but I think it would be alright in the liberal naming envoronment we enjoy today. I also worry about it being pretentious, a “hipster” type of name akin to, I guess, Sebastian. I hate Sebastian, though, and there’s worse things then being a hipster.

Some Rufus combos in my style:

  • Rufus Horatio Calvin
  • Rufus Geoffrey Calvin
  • Rufus Johannes Edward or Rufus Edward Johannes
  • Rufus Christoper Antony
  • Rufus Robert Antony
  • Rufus Frederick Paul
  • Rufus Calvin
  • Rufus Edward
  • Rufus Frederick
  • Rufus Geoffrey
  • Rufus Christopher

Any you like? I feel as though they’re a little off, but maybe there’s some good I’m not seeing. I shouldn’t have looked at everyone else’s combos first!

So what do you think of Rufus? The Rufus combos? Anything else?