Upon first seeing Nameberry’s list of hipster baby names, as well as an article on hipster names I was confused and slightly exasperated. You see, the word “hipster” follows me around like a tin can tied to a dog’s tail, yet I still don’t have a clear idea of what a hipster is. It’s been applied to my music (Tom Waits, specifically), my penchant for shopping at the thrift store, my love of vinyl records, and now my names! Who are these people? You see, it’s hard to find a good definition because it seems to be a derogatory term. Urban dictionary:


It’s about time for another post on the boys, don’t you think? Let’s talk about two of my understated favorites today: Niles and Miles.

I think these two names have a very similar feel to them: Quiet, understated, but very debonair. Miles has cool cred due to Davis, while Niles is slightly stuffier and buttoned up. I prefer Niles, though. I think it’s less common but just as smooth, and it reminds me of David Hyde Pierce, who is a major hottie in my book. Why is it that all the men I love are uninterested in the ladies? And don’t tell me that’s not what he looks like now! I don’t care! Let me live in 90s sitcom land, please. (more…)

I know what some of you guys are probably thinking: “She’s hopped onto the frumpy wagon towards frumpville, hasn’t she?” Well, obviously I don’t think Judith (or Martha) are frumpy, but if you think they are…oh well! Actually, my recent thoughts about Judith have been prompted by yet another singer, this time Wir Sind Helden’s Judith Holofernes (born Judith Holfelder von der Tann). I’ve been quite obsessed with this band as of late, and let me say: Anyone who thinks German is an ugly language should listen to her sing. Anyway, I’m still feeling ambivalent about Judith the name, so I’ll do a post to sort it out, I think.

So, let’s start with what I like about the name Judith. First and foremostly, Judy. I think it’s a great nickname, sprightly yet adult. I even think it stands alone anymore, although I wouldn’t use it in that fashion. Second, I like the history of the name; it’s legitimate without a doubt. Third, the Wir Sind Helden singer/songwriter. She’s the awesome-sauce, without a doubt. Last, I suppose, would be the strong sound of Judith. I miss strong girl’s names. All in all, I think Judith is a nice name and a refreshing choice for a daughter these days.

Now for the cons. The name is dated, no two ways about it. It screams 40s. In addition, it reminds me of my senior year biology teacher, who was a nutcase of the highest order and sort of creepy besides. Third, I don’t think it fits with my other favorites at all, and honestly, there are a lot of names I like better. I’m also not fond of -th endings.

Hm. Judith isn’t for me, I think. It’s like knee high boots: I can admire them from afar, but they looks like hell on my short legs. Judith is very much the same. I’d love to meet little Judys but the name isn’t for me. I think it’s the Bio teacher that really put the nail in the coffin. She was freaking bizarre, and couldn’t teach besides. It’s a super-unpleasant association. Well, some Judith combos for your trouble of reading this post:

  • Judith Felicity Fern
  • Judith Viviana Eve
  • Judith Christabel/Annabel
  • Judith Lucienne
  • Judith Rosemary
  • Judith Mina Melisande

That’s it, really. Just off the cuff, since I realize I’m not wild about Judith anyway. I still think Judy is swell, though. Judit, maybe. Actually, I think I like Judit a lot better. JOO-deet. Hm. Could be Yoo-deet though, I’m not sure. I think I like it, though!

What’s your opinion, guys?

That’s right, Martha. I’ve been really liking it lately, matter of fact. Also, my Rufus Wainwright obsession as of late has brought me back to his sister (aren’t they a great sibset?), who is one hot tamale and my primary association with the name.

Teh hot, part two.

Teh hot, part two.

Seriously, check out those gams! Where do I get a pair? Someone needs to tell Kate McGarrigle she makes damn good-looking children.

Ahem, anyway, I know that Wainwright probably isn’t most people’s first association, but it’s enough to put Stewart out of my head and think of Martha as a really attractive name. I like the history and legitimacy, and the sound, of course. I also like that it’s terribly unpopular, at 586. My only quibble is the meaning; it comes from an Aramaic word meaning “lady,” or “mistress of the house.” This feminist isn’t too cool with that, but this normal person also realizes that few people know the meaning of names, and that it doesn’t mean anything anyway. Actually, you know what, I could care less. It doesn’t matter. However, I don’t like any nicknames for Martha; Marty makes me want to puke. I don’t think it needs a nickname, though, since it’s only 2 syllables.

No combos, just some nice Martha thoughts. I’d be more inclined to use Rufus, though, which puts Martha right out. I’m not that fan-crazy. What kinds of names would you pair Martha with? I think something light and fluffy is best. Also, how do you like Martha? Old lady, hipster cool, or cool in 10-15 years?

Full disclosure: I don’t really listen to Martha Wainwright at this point, but would really like to. Unfortunately, I’m broke. Care to donate to the Martha Wainwright CD fund? Send your money to me…it’s for CDs research…of…the CD naming market…yeah that’s it.