Inspired by Lola’s recent post on Lucretia, I’ve decided to do a post on elaborated names for one of my neglected favorites: Lucy. I love this name, but never gave it too much thought. I don’t know why that is, but she’s got my full attention now!

I have been told I’d make a good Lucy; this is probably part of my affection for the name. It’s solid with a good pedigree and bright sound. And just look at it written out: the tall L, a letter I’m too fond of anyway, the stable u and c, and the down-swooping y. So balanced and perfect, as are its colors: blue and gold. But not an ostentatious gold; A gold like honey blonde hair. It’s a full name in its own right, but many think it sounds too juvenile to stand alone. Personally, I waffle as to whether I would use it alone or as a nickname for something else. So let’s brainstorm some longer names:

  • Lucienne: I will freely admit I nicked this from a friend, but it’s gorgeous. It’s the feminine form of Lucien. What I like about it is that it has the same sense of balance that I love so much in Lucy. What I worry about is the French pedigree. I’m not the least bit French, and I fear it’d sound odd with my German monosyllabic surname or my boyfriend’s nondescript technically-German-but-more-like-Smith one. It’s so pretty I doubt I care, though.
  • Lucinda: A little country fried, Lucinda’s wandered off and on my list for months. I love the Lucinda Williams connection and the way the name looks. I fear Cindy, though. Oh god, do I fear Cindy. I also don’t think it “goes” with my other favorites, which tend towards the old-fashioned and/or “British” sounding names. It’s charming, but maybe not a good fit for me. What do you think? Maybe with 2 more “me” names it’d work. Lucinda Dorothy Jane? Lucinda Cecilia Margaret? Lucinda Margaret Philomel? Oh, I don’t know.
  • Lucia: Waffely pronunciation be damned, I love Lucia, pronounced any way. My favorite is Loo-see-ah, though. Again, I’m worried about it being too ethnic for my whitey white self. I think using Loo-sha would alleviate this some, though. Hm. I think pairing this with some of my other favorites might make me feel better about it. Lucia Fern? Lucia Frances Margaret? Lucia Rosemary? (All using the loo-see-ah pronunciation.)
  • Lucille: This would be the obvious choice. It’s known, easily pronounceable, but perhaps a bit too tied to Lucille Ball. It’s also got a distincly Southern flavor to me, I wonder why. This would be the easiest one to fit in with my naming style, but unfortunately one of my least favorite elaborations. If anyone could sell me on it, I’d be much obliged.

Lucy’s one of those names I love but will probably never use. It’s getting too popular and I could never decide between Lucy alone or an elaboration for it. It’s a really fun name to work with, though, and I do love it so. I suppose I’ll have to keep this as my secret name, my awesomely named alter-ego. Because, weirdly enough, I identify with the name in a way I never really do with my own. Probably because my own name is so common you can’t spit without it hitting one.

So, talk to me about Lucy!