Today is a day for silly guilty pleasures! Juniper is a name I’ve come to adore, but I’m entirely unconvinced that it is actually usable. The earliest Juniper I can find is a Saint Juniper, a follower of Francis of Assisi, my favorite saint. His story goes Juniper was visiting a sick brother and asked if there was anything he could do. The man requested pigs feet, so Juniper went, found a hog, and cu its foot off to give to the man. The owner of the pig was understandable angry, and St. Francis sent Juniper to apologize. Juniper didn’t understand what as so wrong, and thought that the mane shouldn’t be angry, since he had done a charitable act. The man was indignant until Juniper asked him to slaughter the hog for charity; this request softened the man’s heart and he did what was asked. St. Juniper was male, but I prefer the name on a girl. The nicknames are more feminine than masculine, I think. Jenny, Ginny, Juno, June, etc. I suppose Perry is possible for a boy, though.

I think Juniper is, first and foremostly, sprightly. The name has a lot of energy and seems springy, if you understand my meaning. However, I also think it’s a little goofy, and reminds me of giraffes. That’s where my hesitation comes in. Is the name too goofy for a kid? I think the nicknames make it more accessible, though; still, I waver. What do you think? Is it usable, or is it likely to induce teasing?

As far as combos go, I think I’ll make some off the cuff. I think Juniper needs a really good grounding name to keep it from being too flighty.

  • Juniper Margaret
  • Juniper Bridget
  • Juniper Frances
  • Juniper Hazel
  • Juniper Ingrid
  • Juniper Alison
  • Juniper Florence
  • Juniper Dorothy Cecile
  • Juniper Eliza May
  • Juniper Margareta Alice
  • Juniper Maria Adelaide
  • Juniper Theresa Catherine

And just for fun: Henrietta Juniper Mae. Very flighty.

So, what do you think of Juniper? Do you prefer it in the middle or the front? (I’m starting to think I prefer it in the middle.) Any combos tickle your fancy?