As I mentioned none too subtly in my Floral Names post, I love the name Fern. I think it’s just gorgeous, feminine without frills, with a great image. Ferns are beautiful plants, if you ask me. Spores are a pretty cool way of reproducing, too. Anyway, I love Fern in part because of its highly unfashionable sound. F is fairly out of vogue, and the consonant rich sound is certainly not the most popular thing nowadays. It seems that Fern only fits into one trend, the botanical trend. I hope it doesn’t get too popular, but honestly, I don’t think it will. Like I said, the sound is so unfashionable, but not because it’s ugly, at least in my eyes. I think it would really pleasantly surprise people.

I have a lot of trouble pairing Fern, as I imagine I would have with any and all one syllable names. By and large, I prefer longer names with nicknames, so I don’t have a lot of experience matching short names with middles. My personal rule of two out of three names must honor also makes it a little more difficult to work with in reality. Honestly, I would probably put Fern in the middle were I ever to use it. Well, let’s try some combos!