I’ve been thinking about Daphne lately an awful lot. I think that its sprightly sound,  green color, and Frasier association (Yes, I know. But I love the show so damn much!) make it a real contender for a future daughter. I don’t think Scooby Doo at all, but my boyfriend does. It’s all he’ll say when I bring it up. So usually I put it on the back burner so I can actually talk to him about combos he likes, since he’s one of the few who’ll humor me. Now that I have a spot to talk about names with like minded people, I’m going to let the Daphne love flow!

What appeals to me most about Daphne is the ethereal look and sound of the name.  Laura Wattenberg, author of the Baby Name Wizard (a book I reference frequently), says that it has a “gauzy romance” about it, and I have to agree. It’s just a beautiful, feminine look and sound. Another thing I love is the relative rarity of the name and the fact that it’s probably not going to get too popular any time soon. D’s are unstylish and probably likely to remain that way for a while. The clinchers for the Daphne love are the long history and classical pedigree. I think it’s almost a perfect name in every respect.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to the name, most notably the Scooby Doo character that Sean is so hung up on. The only other one I can think of is my inability to pair it, but that sounds like a personal problem, I’m afraid. 😉 Well, I’ll give it a go, here, anyway:

3 Names

  • Daphne Cordelia Violet
  • Daphne Dorothea May
  • Daphne Margareta Marianne (Is the alliteration too much? I think I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with it.)
  • Daphne Amalia Margaret
  • Daphne Rosalind Lilac (Too planty, I know)
  • Daphne Adela Catherine
  • Daphne Armina Clare
  • Daphne Elinor Margaret
  • Daphne Lavinia Pearl

2 Names

  • Daphne Beatrix
  • Daphne Francesca
  • Daphne Margaret
  • Daphne Elinor
  • Daphne Hazel
  • Daphne Susan

See? I’m having a lot of trouble pairing Daphne up, because I seem to like florals with it! Argh! *bangs head on wall* Do you think that it will be too obvious that both names are nature names, if I were to use, say, Daphne Lilac? Do most people know (or care) that it means laurel?

Any comments on Daphne or the combos? All help and thoughts appreciated!