So, I’m still head over heels in love with Alice. I think it’s sweet, unusual (for the moment- we’ll get to that), and refreshingly down to earth. The sound is gorgeous and the associations positive. So, it’s gone from an infatuation to a long term relationship, you might say. Speaking of, Sean likes it too; I asked him if he could see naming a girlchild Alice and he said yes, so, I’m good there. Honestly the Alice arc is very similar to the Daphne one, if I think about it; names I thought were short term loves that have stuck around much longer than expected. The only qualm I have is that between Twilight and the vogue for “honest names,” Alice is due for a comeback in a big way. I hope not! I love the name, but I want to use it! Anyway, of my combos back from December, I’m still fond of:


I’ve been crazy for the name Alice lately. No clue why, as it’s not a family name and not a usual favorite. I’ve been finding Tom Waits’ album of the same name in every record store in the Philadelphia area, and it seems to be a sign. (By the way, I found it on vinyl. WANT.) You can listen to the eponymous song from the album here. It’s a lovely song, if sad, as most of his tend to be, at least a little bit.

Anyway, I just love Alice’s sound and girlish yet grown up sound, along with its healthy dose of Victorian feel. Sometimes I feel it’s too much Alice’s Diner and not enough Alice in Wonderland, but those episodes are usually mercifully brief, and I come back to it now and again. It’s been on my lists for a very long time, and seems to be in between upswings in popularity, sitting at 346. Of course, by the time I have kids, it will be Top 100, I just know it. 😛 That seems to be the way it works; everything I love gets popular!

So I’ll regale you with some Alice combos, most just made up here:

  • Alice Dorothea Elinor
  • Alice Eliza Daphne
  • Alice Pandora Margo
  • Alice Theresa May/Margo
  • Alice Cecilia May/Margo
  • Alice Cordelia/Cecilia Daisy
  • Alice Georgiana Fern
  • Alice Margareta Josephine
  • Alice Petra Philomel
  • Alice Philomena Clare
  • Alice Penelope Joan
  • Alice Felicity Eve

Seems as though I like a endings after Alice. I think they add a lot of bounce in a combo, if you know what I mean. I could add some more, but maybe later or another day. What are your thoughts on Alice? What do you think of my combos? (Remember they’re a work in progress!) What are your own Alice combos? Thanks for stopping by!