Now, as a disclaimer, I do not belong to, so I can’t get a full handle on board culture and can only report what I see. is what many would call a “sparkleigh” board; board favorites are quite trendy, smilies abound, signatures have graphics, and colored font is not unheard of. Board favorites seem to be along the lines of Emerson (g), Landon, Sophia, Cohen, Irelyn, etc. Not my kind of names, but there do seem to be “good” namers about. However, they are outnumbered by trendy ones. There is a lot of graphic use and smilies, and signatures are a little big and sparkly, and usually proclaim the names of the poster’s child(ren). The naming seems to be child-centric.

I can’t speak to board culture, since I am not a member (actually, I think I am but can’t be bothered to remember my username and password) and do not know the people there. There seem to be a ton of forums, addressing issues like childbirth, fertility, and religion. Based off of this, I can only assume that there is lively discussion of many topics, and many members probably get support on difficult issues.

Go to if you like trendy names, want to use colored font, and love smilies. Avoid it if you hate trendy names, are big on grammar and spelling (not a slight, just an observation), and don’t mind acronyms.

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  1. Sebastiane Says:

    It is sad that the name Sophia has been relegated amongst the horrific tryndees such as Cohen, Emerson & Landon.

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