Family Tree Names

Anyone else feel like crap? I’ve had some sort of bug this weekend and it knocked me out. Luckily the only thing I have now is a runny nose and sore throat, but it hurts like the dickens!

Anyway, Ancestry is letting me look at other people’s trees again (don’t tell them ;)), so I’ve been able to make some more tentative progress. If you don’t mind, I’ll run you through my process, so no one has a heart attack over my sourcing. First, my tree is private. No one can see anything on it, so they can’t use possibly wrong information from it. Anyway, I use the other trees to get a foot in the door, hint wise. Sometimes I work straight from books and other sources, but they’re difficult to find since I can’t really travel. So if I think John Smith’s mother was, say, Elinor McGillacutty, I can google her and see if there’s any books or websites backing me up. Not the most sound research technique, I know, but I work with what I’ve got. You guys probably don’t care too much about that, though, as long as I’ve got names to share!  Anyway, the list!


Just a short one today, went out shopping and  carousing earlier, so let’s do another found of family tree names! I worked on the tree yesterday so I should have some new ones. Excuse any repeats:


  • Damaris
  • Christiana
  • Freelove Bliss (different Freelove than last time!)
  • Maa (wtf?)
  • Content
  • Wait
  • Freeborn
  • Bethiah


  • Alphenus
  • Rowland
  • Sylvanus (I can’t even comprehend the awesome of this name)

Well, I’ve been even further engrossed into my family tree, so this morning (technically afternoon but whatever) I’ll treat you guys to some more interesting names I’ve found. I’ll probably be posting on a more regular schedule as well. I’ve put down my first payment for the semester, so I won’t be quite so stressed. Thanks for sticking around, though!

  • Jannetje Arentsen (Dutch, born 1602)
  • Ardella
  • Hennry Clay (first and middle name, born around 1891 in Maryland)
  • Minerva Briggs
  • Julian Carpenter (immigrant to US in 1623, woman!)
  • Laetitia Mae Cleaver (born 1891 in Delaware)
  • Freelove Dandley
  • Jerusha Davis
  • Amicia De Alfreton (born around 1200, tentative, of course)
  • Desire Doty (born in Plymouth colony)
  • Dorus Van Wike Doty (born around 1824, Vermont)
  • Harriet Kelly Doty (b 1816; Interesting because of Kelly on a girl. It was probably a surname, though.)
  • Ariantje Fransen (Dutch, male)

I think I’ll stop there. I’m only to the Fs and already have enough! Anything tickle anyone’s fancy?

I’ve been doing some research into my family tree. So far, I’ve been able to work my way up my mother’s side a good ways, and while it’s not certain, I’ve found a good many interesting names anyway. Since it’s Christmas Eve, I’ll save myself some time and just do a list. I omitted last names I didn’t feel comfortable putting up.


  • Gula Elma Young
  • Alice Hogg (how unfortunate!)
  • Armina (2) (First one was born 1815) Any ideas what this is?
  • Marian (maybe Miriam, Merriam, etc)
  • Mercy Taft
  • Lucretia Geesje De Long
  • Marion Theresa
  • Anna Isabella and Isabella Adelaide (twins)
  • Marbury Place (first-last)


  • Asborn (Might be Osborn, Osbern, etc)
  • Charles Cecil
  • Stutely (or Stukely) Stafford
  • Palmer Cleveland (Late 1600s!)
  • Bayard
  • Morris

And with that, I’ll leave Merry Christmas wishes to anyone who wants them. Otherwise, Happy Chanukkah, Kickin Kwanzaa, and I hope you had a good Solstice.