Hey all, sorry for the sporadic posting lately, but I’ve been trying to get a lot of stuff done. Between scheduling classes and fighting with my mom about living on campus, it’s been quite a week! Anyway, today’s post will be on two names I’m undecided about, Cordelia and Cornelia.

Cordelia’s up first. Shakespearean is the first thing that comes to mind. Even though I’ve never read King Lear (I don’t particularly care for Shakespeare), I think everybody associates Cordelia with it. However, I have at least two more book associations up my sleeve.First is Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. In the fourth book, Wizard and Glass, Cordelia is the main character (Roland’s) love interest (Susan’s) evil aunt. Basically, she sells off her virgin niece to the mayor, and when she finds out that Susan’s not a virgin anymore, helps to plot her death. Long story short, Susan is burned on some sort of semi sacrificial fire and Cordelia has a stroke. Not very nice, but luckily not an association that most would share. The other association is Anne of Green Gables, where Anne so desperately wants to be called Cordelia, because it’s “perfectly elegant.” Much nicer. Unfortunately, Wizard and Glass is my primary association.

Cordelia’s sound, I think, is lovely. The Cord bit looks unpleasant in writing, but it sounds like Cor-delia, so I can overlook that. Cordy is god-awful as a nickname, but Cora and Delia are cute, especially Delia. I think it’s delicate and feminine and just lovely. Lia is plausible but not intuitive, and I don’t care for the looks of it too much anyway. Dell and Cory are possible too; I like Dell but hate Cory on a boy or a girl.

Some have suggested Cornelia as a way to get around the cord part of Cordelia. Of course, by taking away one problem, you create another. The Corn in this name is just as prevalent as Cord, and leads itself to teasing just as well. The only association I have is with Cornelius; I think he was an elephant in a kid’s bohttps://i2.wp.com/ny-image2.etsy.com/il_430xN.60272594.jpgok I used to read. Upon Googling, I have found that Cornelius was an old wise elephant is the children’s television book and television show Babar. A secondary association is Carneliam stone, shown left. Isn’t it pretty? I usually think of it in cameo form, though. Cornelia is cameos, to me, then. It’s old fashioned and delicate, all over beautiful.

Cornelia’s got a pretty sound, no doubt. Nicknames include Cora, Nell, Lia, Nelia, etc. They’re nice, but avoid Corny. That’s just as bad as Cordy, if not worse.

Overall, I think I like both names, but Cordelia gets the edge. Avoiding Corny is tantamount. Cordelia is also more known, while still being uncommon. The nicknames are just as good, and, well, it’s just a great name overall. What do you guys think?