Hey guys. First, some non name related stuff. First, how do you all like the new layout? I was tiring of how dark the other one was. Plus, I think green is the best color in the world. Second, happy April Fools! I wasn’t on the receieving end of any stupid jokes today, so I’m in a good mood. BNaBBT changed the board to Sweedish, and my favorite news blog, jezebel.com, said that comments would be closed! Although I don’t comment I was a little upset, because the people who post there are usually insightful and witty as hell. I thought about pulling a joke on you guys, but I didn’t have the heart to. You’d probably know right off though, wouldn’t you, you crafty devils?

American Robin

American Robin

Anyway, let’s talk Robin. For me, this is another spelling dependent unisex name. Seriously, Robyn has been in use long enough for me to like it. I have an Aunt Robyn, too, so it endears me to the name.

All in all, though, I prefer Robin on a boy. I think it’s really sprightly, and a great alternative to the sometimes dated Robert. Christopher Robin is a really cute namesake, and, well, who doesn’t love Robins? Pretty birds. It’s a great way to honor a Robert, too.

Mulling over some Robin combos:

  • Robin Alexander John
  • Robin Alastair Geoffrey
  • Robin Johannes Edward
  • Robin Oliver Paul
  • Robin Lysander
  • Robin Theodore
  • Robin Theodore Simon
  • Robin Henry
  • Robin Alexander
  • Robin Christopher 😉
  • Robin Benedict

Thought: Does Robin sound too much like “robbin,” as in robbing? Also, I want to use Calvin, but the sounds are so similar it’s difficult. Any ideas on a good name to separate them?