First, some news: I put in my paperwork to transfer to the college of Education at my university today! I should be enrolled as a student of secondary English in about six weeks, and I’m super excited! GAHHH I WILL SHAPE THE YOUTH OF TOMORROW AND MAKE THEM LOVE JANE AUSTEN AS MUCH AS I DO! Okay, maybe not, but I am really excited.

Anyway, my love of today’s name was inspired by that same lovely Ms. Austen: Elinor. In Sense and Sensibility, she’s the sensible one, a practical foil to Marianne’s emotional antics. I see a lot of myself in Elinor, and I sort of gravitated to her name a bit. The I spelling is so senseible and balanced. Eleanor looks clunky to me by compairson. Elanor is nice for the Tolkien connection but makes me want to say El-LAN-nor. El-LI-nor is so much nicer to me.

I probably wouldn’t use Elinor, as it is getting quite common, especially among name nerd circles. It gives me an inflated sense of popularity, I know, but I think it’s going to blow up big time. Nicknames Ellie and Nora plus the old fashioned appeal is going to make this one hard to pass up for most. It currently sits at 271.

I like Elinor in the middle, as an homage to my Jane, as she is my favorite author. Seriously, I’ve read all her novels but one (which I’m finishing right now). She’s a master of the written word. I love her. Here’s some combos I already have:

  • Alice Dorothea Elinor
  • Alice Elinor Catherine
  • Daphne Elinor Margaret
  • Daphne Elinor
  • Charlotte Elinor Rose
  • Prudence Elinor

I still adore AEC, but I think I love Elinor with Wilhelmina. Didn’t I have a Wilhelmina Elinor Catherine combo? I could have sworn…

Anyway, what are your thoughts on Elinor? Sorry for the brevity and fluffiness, I’m still getting back to 100%.