Anyone else feel like crap? I’ve had some sort of bug this weekend and it knocked me out. Luckily the only thing I have now is a runny nose and sore throat, but it hurts like the dickens!

Anyway, Ancestry is letting me look at other people’s trees again (don’t tell them ;)), so I’ve been able to make some more tentative progress. If you don’t mind, I’ll run you through my process, so no one has a heart attack over my sourcing. First, my tree is private. No one can see anything on it, so they can’t use possibly wrong information from it. Anyway, I use the other trees to get a foot in the door, hint wise. Sometimes I work straight from books and other sources, but they’re difficult to find since I can’t really travel. So if I think John Smith’s mother was, say, Elinor McGillacutty, I can google her and see if there’s any books or websites backing me up. Not the most sound research technique, I know, but I work with what I’ve got. You guys probably don’t care too much about that, though, as long as I’ve got names to share!  Anyway, the list!

  • Experience Aldrich (female, born 1708)
  • Margery Aldrich (1714)
  • Claertje Arents (female, Dutch, born about 1595)
  • Charity Belt (1686)
  • Pretitia Belt (1690)
  • Deliverance Cleveland (male, 1722)
  • Humility Coggeshall (female, 1671)
  • Amyes Colle (female, 1692)
  • Mehitable Hayward (1670)
  • Cave (or Care) King (female, 1722)
  • Kniertje (1610)
  • Honor Mariarte (female, 1668)
  • Lyle Jane McKay (female..Lyle? Really? 1635)
  • Henrietta (mother’s maiden) (1803)
  • Anneken Pier (1616)
  • Otwell Shawcross (male, 1530)
  • Trijntjen Sijmons (female, 1612)
  • Charity Sparrow (1640)
  • Jemima Taft (1702-1704, then 1713)
  • Priscilla Taft (1721)

So, anything strike your fancy? I think Charity Sparrow is really a great case of the first and last name going smashingly together. It’s quite beautiful.