Sorry for my absence and whatnot lately, guys. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. I skipped my first class to sleep today, though, so I’m fresh as a daisy!

So I was thinking of what to blog about today, and was thinking about doing a post on Latinate versions of names I like; Olive vs Olivia, etc. That got me wondering if I’ve ever covered Olive, maybe in my floral names post, which got me thinking about all the florals I didn’t cover. So to make a nerdy story short, I decided to expand my list. This time, I’m including boys and other kinds of nature names.


  • Holly -I’ll be honest. Holly bores the living daylights out of me. I knew a few in high school, and they were sort of unpleasant people, which definitely colors my perception. I mean, the sound is okay, if a little insubstantial, and well, YAWN. I’m so sick of Holly.
  • Eglantine -One of Lola’s, Eglantine is ambitious. Seriously ambitious. It reminds me of birds and eggs, and is really unusable, in my book. If it’s a family name, then maybe in the middle, but please! Never in the front.
  • Zinnia -I think Zinnia is adorable, actually. It’s seriously rare (never been in the top 1000) and would wear well on a quirky kid. I think it’s got a great 20s flapper vibe to it. The problem is that I wouldn’t want to make my kid an experiment for whether a name would work or not. You’d need to be a bit weird and sassy for this one to work, and I can’t guarantee any kid of mine would inherit both of those qualities from me. 😉
  • Olive -I think of Olive as primarily botanical, what with the tree and all, but most are bound to think pimento instead. It very recently entered the top 1000 for the first time since 1950, and I expect it to rise a little bit more. It’s something cool parents would pick for a kid, an alternative to Olivia, and in the public consciousness due to the adorableness of Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine. I’d give it an enthusiastic thumbs up.
  • Primrose -Another one of our good friend Lola’s favorites, Primrose is another iffy one. I think it works really well in the middle spot, where a kid can hide it if she doesn’t like it. It also does wonders to spice up a plain first name. How awesome would Elizabeth Primrose be? Thumbs up, in the middle. Thumbs down in the front.
  • Pansy/Tansy -Pansy is just a no no. Well all know that it;s slang for weakling, so no. I must cop to guilty pleasure love for Tansy, though. I’d hate to be one, but I think it’s just adorable. However, I do not advocate it at all. I saw it once suggested as a nickname for Anastasia, which would work best, I think. But, as it stands, no to both.
  • Calla -Calla lilies are pretty, and so is Calla as a name. However, I find it a bit insubstantial and incomplete. I think it functions best as a nickname.
  • Aster -You think Astrid sounds like “ass turd?” Wait until the kids get ahold of this one. Just no.
  • Orchid -Another one I must cop major GP love to. It’s just so pretty looking! However, the sound doesn’t translate well, and “or kid” is just a bad sound for a name. If you have some sort of incredibly inspiring orchid story (and it must be extrmely inspiring) I can condone it in the middle. Otherwise, no.
  • Posy -Cute as a nickname, awful as a full name. Go with Josephine and call her Posy.
  • Hazel -Hazel is absolutely darling. It’s substantial enough in sound for a full name, but retains the same light touch that so many nature names have. Sure, there’s witch hazel, but I honestly don’t think most folk will mention it. It’s on the rise, though, so be careful. I think it’ll hit the mid 100-200s and sit there, but I could be wrong.
  • Willow -Makes me think the parents are Buffy fans, and I never even watched the show! Don’t ask me why. I think it’s nice but rather boring. I’d expect a Hayley and Willow to be sisters.


  • Ash -I really fancy this as a nickname, even if it is a little Pokemon to this 90s kid. If I knew an Ash, I’d probably nickname his friends Misty and Brock, but I’m just a nerd. As a full name, I think it’s insubstantial, but as a nickname for Ashley it’s positively swoony.
  • Linden -Linden is nice, but reminds me of Linton from Wuthering Heights, which I don’t like. It would probably be mistaken for a girl’s name all the time, too, because of its similarity to Lindsey. I’d say it’s nice in the middle.
  • Hawthorne -I don’t like most surnames as forenames, so I’d put this right out as a first name. I’d definitely advocate it in the middle if it were a family name, though. Be warned that it might sound a little literarily snooty (or perhaps the opposite; I assume that the parents of little Brontes have never actually read Charlotte, Anne, or Emily’s work).
  • Glenn -I like Glenn, I really do. It sounds close to gland but there’s much worse things. Phallyn, anyone? I do imagine a more middle aged guy, but that’s because I immediately think Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze. And no, he did not sing on Tempted. That was Paul Carrack. Anyway, I think a baby Glenn would be refreshing.
  • Huckleberry -Unless you kid comes out looking like this:

Huckleberry Hound

Huckleberry Hound