First, let me talk about St. Patrick’s Day; you know, my general thoughts on it, since I love to give my opinion on everything. 😉 I really dislike this holiday. I like the idea of a day to celebrate Irish heritage, since so many Americans have it. What I don’t like is people running around getting drunk and screaming “I’M SO OIRISH GUIZE! ERIN GO BRAUGH! SHAMROCKS!” It’s too much.

This is where my great great grandfather and great great grandmother likely got married

Conwal Parish Church: This is where my great great grandfather and great great grandmother likely got married

First, you aren’t Irish. I’m sure you don’t even know where in Ireland your family came from. (Putting my money where my mouth is: My Irish ancestry, through my grandmother, is from Carrickatimpan, Gartan, Donegal, Ireland. They came over a little later than most others; 1893, through Glasgow port to New York on the SS Anchoria. I can’t get any farther back than 1817 on one branch and 1839 on another; McLaughlins and Dohertys are a dime a dozen over there.) Anyway, I have a great distaste for drinking to the point of drunkeness (or drinking in general, really), so this isn’t exactly my holiday. However, it might be a nice idea to look at some decidedly Irish names I like. Since I am proud of my heritage, and don’t need green beer to show it.

Yeah, I didn’t feel like saying much, so I think I’m just going to list. I know I’m being lazy.


  • Áine (awn-ya)
  • Aoibhe (like Eva)
  • Aoife (ee-fa)
  • Brighid (breed, pity that it’s an English word)
  • Caoimhe
  • Ciara (keera)
  • Finola (anglicised from Fionnghuala)
  • Oona
  • Róisín (rosheen)
  • Saoirse


  • Angus (Anglicised from Aonghus)
  • Ciarán (keer-an, even if it is dreadfully trendy)
  • Conan
  • Declan (anglicised from Deaglán)
  • Éamon
  • Éanna (AY-na, probably too girly for a boy in the US.)
  • Faolan (either fee-lawn or fay-lawn)
  • Fionn (finn)
  • Fintan
  • Lorcan
  • Oisin (OSH-een)
  • Ronan

Yeah, I’m lazy. What are your favorites? Also, how long until this becomes my most viewed page because people want Irish names that mean “radiant princess from the valley of  cupcakes?” *rolls eyes*