Felt like doing one on a group today, since no new names are grabbing me at the moment, just all the same ones. So, let’s talk about April, May, June, Summer, and even March and January!

Commonly Accepted as Names

  • April -April’s got a sprightly sound and a cheerful energy, but it seems dated. Probably because it peaked in a big way in the 70s. Although I do have a bit of a guilty announcement; I used to watch Bam Margera’s show, the jackass, and his mom’s name was April. They called her Ape. Needless to say that name is not incredibly appealing to me, but I could see it being used today. It’s cute, definitely, and I can see the appeal.
  • May -May is sweet, and doesn’t have the same dated baggage as April. It peaked in the 1880s, so no one has a great aunt May we have to worry about. It dropped out of the top 1000 in 1960. My only problem with this name is the insubstantial-ness of it. In addition to having a lightweight meaning (The name of the month is derived from the Roman goddess Maia, but most won’t get that far), it has a lightweight sound. For this reason, I prefer it as a nickname, for Margaret, specifically. It could also serve as a nickname for Mary, Mabel, or any name starting with a -may- sound.
  • June – I love June. It sounds more substantial than April or May, and it’s much easier for people to make the leap to the goddess, Juno. The sound is energetic and the color (for me) is, too. It peaked in the 1920s, so it may seem dated to some, but it’s flapper-cute to me. June Cleaver could be a drawback for some, though. See my full thoughts on June here.
  • August/a -August and Augusta are regal old names. I dislike August but love the feminine version; however, I can suggest both wholeheartedly, since they’re legitimate and uncommon, and objectively pleasing.
  • Summer -A hippie creation, Summer entered the top 1000 in the 1970s. I think it’s perfectly serviceable as a first name, but I might be biased because of a lovely Summer I knew in my childhood. It’s very lightweight, though, and you have to be careful with middles. It can get a little adjective-y. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I won’t say it’s awful, either.

Not Quite Names

  • Spring -Not the best idea. Besides not being a name, Spring is a verb and a noun.  Really, it’s a recipe for disaster. Surprisingly, Spring hit the top 1000 in the 70s (hippies is my guess), but vanished within the same decade. It only came to 969, anyway.
  • Autumn -It’s a pretty sound, and a pretty season, I get it. But it’s also a stripper name. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t think of anything but strippers and pr0n stars when I think of this name. Like Spring, it hit the top 1000 in the 70s, but at 328, and it has had more staying power. It currently sits at 91, which is really surprising to me.
  • Winter -This choice has recently gotten a lot more play since Nicole Richie named her daughter Harlow Winter Kate. Now, that definitely wasn’t my choice for best starbaby name, but it obviously hit a chord with a lot of folks. It’s not in the top 1000, but I’d expect it there, soon. Winnie could be a cute nickname, but overall I wouldn’t suggest it. It’s flimsy, and oh-so-gawth if you catch my meaning.
  • January -There was a January in my high school, so I’m actually used to hearing this as a name. I can see the appeal and possible naminess of it (Jan is a cute nickname), but overall I’d go with no. Again, it’s just too much a month and not enough a name.
  • MarchMajor guilty pleasure of mine, on a boy. I think it’s sprightly and energetic, with a spring in its step. I really like the “arch” sound; Archer is another GP of mine. Overall, though, I have to advise against it. It’s a guilty pleasure for a reason. Maybe if it’s a family surname, you can go for it.
  • July-I can see the appeal of this as a fresh alternative to Julie, but again, just too monthy.

What are your favorite month or season names? Would you ever use one?