June has been on my mind lately, mostly in the middle but sometimes as a first. I think it’s spunky, unusual, and endowed with a good bit of sass. My first association is June from KaBlam!, the awesome 90s kid’s show.

June and her cohort Henry

June and her cohort Henry

Seriously, if you’ve never seen this show, you should. Posthaste. It was awesome. Any kid born between, say, 1987 and 1993 will tell you.

Anyway, June from KaBlam! embodies all the characteristics I associate with the name; a laid back, funny attitude, a deprecating, sometimes sarcastic sense of humor, and a general awesomeness. To be a June these days means you have pretty quirky parents, so that might be why I think of the name the way I do.

June is obviously a month name, which I don’t think ever go out of style. But while April is perky, May demure, June fairly leaps off the page with energy, partially due to the J, which is one hell of a cool letter to begin with. With August and Leo mounting a revival, along with the surprising addition of Winter to the starbaby ranks, is June so far fetched? The movie Juno has brought the goddess name to the public eye; maybe June could be a more traditional alternative. The lack of nicknames might also appeal to some parents; Junie is cute, but certainly not default, and any other nicknames (Junebug, Juno, etc) are only likely to show up if you encourage them. And who’s going to encourage Junebug out of the immediate family circle, really?

One of the few drawbacks to June might be the same lack of nicknames that could draw parents in. Nowadays, people seem to like long, proper names or cutesy nicknames, with little in-between. You’re either Susanna or Susie, but never Susan, catch my drift? That might stymie June a little, since it’s only one syllable and therefore perhaps too short for today’s prospective baby namers. The brevity of the name also makes it a little more difficult to pair, and I’m not even going to try. It’s the same problem I have with Fern.

I don’t expect June to mount a comeback in the next few years, but I will be looking for it after that. In about 10, say. It peaked in the 20s, which will probably make it ripe for revival in either in the next generation, or 10+ years from now. A lot of people might still remember elderly Junes, making it too elderly for them. Add the vogue for fussy, floofy names, and you’ve got a hostile environment for this name. June Cleaver doesn’t help much either, and I think it will take another generation to forget Leave it to Beaver enough to see the name as anything but 50s. Personally, I’d love to meet a little June!

What are your thoughts on June? When do you expect to see it come back, if at all? Would you use it, and what would you pair it with?