Vagueperson, as seen in the comments on the Top Ten: Boys, post, is expecting a child. Well, technically I guess you’d say his wife is, but he’s expecting it to show up, too…Anyway, I’ve gotten the thumbs up to help out the happy couple by doing a post asking for your suggestions. I know you guys will have some good ideas!

There’s a specific type of name we have to suggest, though. We’re looking for the names of celebrated saints in the Orthodox church. VagueP (for that is what I shall call you) has provided a few links to lists:

  • Feast Days of Saints -Here you can also find out more about the Orthodox Church, if you’re interested
  • Women Saints -Great if you just want a list of names, huge list.
  • Long list, mixed with feast days -Scroll down past the “Afterfeast” links to get to the names; other feasts are interspersed throughout the list.

And one I found: Orthodox Wiki. It’s got a nice, long, alphabetized list. Very easy to navigate. Now getting a server error on this one, but feel free to check throughout the day to see of it’s up again.

The middle name will be a family name, probably off of this list:


  • Stella
  • Karen
  • Margaret
  • Carol
  • Patricia
  • Birdie
  • Katina
  • Judith
  • Brooke
  • Lois
  • Tonya
  • Kathleen

  • Boosalis
  • Casey
  • Michael
  • Robert
  • Harry
  • Benjamin
  • Chris
  • John (Jack)
  • Gerald
  • Richard
  • Kurt
  • Mark
  • Phillip
  • Evan
  • Charles
  • Samuel

If I wasn’t sure, I assumed boy, so, correct me if I’m wrong! I’m also not sure about the flexibility afforded in honoring, and also with the saint’s names: VP, would you accept variants (say, Christopher for Chris, or Margery for Margaret) on either family or saints’ names?

The VaguePeople are considering Theodore and Basil for boys, and Macrina, Miriam, and Emmelia for girls. Last name is Saathoff.

I’ll rattle off a few suggestions, myself, although I’m awful at gauging people’s taste! I think I just think everyone should use names I like. 😉


  • Theodora Judith/Brooke (Theodora’s truly distinctive nowadays, and the story of St. Theodora of Thessalonica is pretty darn neat)
  • Philippa Margaret (Still love Philippa, and Pippa, Pip are great nicknames)
  • Ida Kathleen (I think Ida is so cute and so under-appreciated)
  • Susanna Margaret/Kathleen (Susanna is just plain awesome)


  • Simon Robert (Robert’s very handsome, I think, and matches Simon step for step)
  • Theodore John (Again, handsome. Simple, but I think Theodore’s still uncommon enough to pull it off)
  • Nikolai Charles (I would love to use Nikolai myself, but, barring that, I will suggest it)
  • Jonah Benjamin

So, I kept it short to give you guys some room to work. I know this is a bit more involved than what we normally do here, but I’m sure you guys are up to the challenge! I’m sure everything is appreciated; names you like on their own, combos, suggestions, etc. Why don’t we put our nerdery to good use and help the VaguePeople name their personchild!