It’s Monday again, which means it’s color time!

I’m starting to run out of colors that I have a lot of names for, so these posts may be seeing smaller lists, just to let you know. Also, a lot of them are unique (like Isaac; silver red), so I can’t do a post on just one name!

Anyway, pink names:


  • Felicity
  • Flora
  • Florence (nasty pink, though. Orangey and gross)
  • Jane
  • Petra (partially; green as well)
  • Rosalind, Rosemary, Rose, etc.
  • Pomeline (purple and pink)
  • Corinna (purple pink)
  • Cora


  • Leslie (Brown-pink)

Damn social conditioning! I don’t have any pink boys’ names I can think of at the moment. shame, really, because I do like delicate rose pink names.

I’ve also got a question for all you synaesthetes out there. I was doing my German homework, and we were learning colors. We had to write what color I associated with certain nouns/verbs, but I kept having problems. Example: langweilig. Means “boring,” so they were going for beige or something like that. I had so much trouble, since it’s a green word! Anyone else ever have similar problems?

What are your pink names? Do you find that you have many more for girls than boys?