So, I’m still head over heels in love with Alice. I think it’s sweet, unusual (for the moment- we’ll get to that), and refreshingly down to earth. The sound is gorgeous and the associations positive. So, it’s gone from an infatuation to a long term relationship, you might say. Speaking of, Sean likes it too; I asked him if he could see naming a girlchild Alice and he said yes, so, I’m good there. Honestly the Alice arc is very similar to the Daphne one, if I think about it; names I thought were short term loves that have stuck around much longer than expected. The only qualm I have is that between Twilight and the vogue for “honest names,” Alice is due for a comeback in a big way. I hope not! I love the name, but I want to use it! Anyway, of my combos back from December, I’m still fond of:

For fun

  • Alice Eliza Daphne
  • Alice Cordelia Daisy
  • Alice Georgiana Fern
  • Alice Petra Philomel
  • Alice Penelope Joan

With honoring

  • Alice Dorothea Elinor

So, the “with honoring” list is looking pretty slim. By honoring, I mean names that ideally have a family connection, but could also have a literary, musical, or pop culture tie-in. I’ve talked about my personal “usability” rule before, but here it is again: In 3 name combos, 2 names must honor. That way I feel like I can give a child “their own name” while referencing people or characters who are important to me. I think it’s a pretty decent system, since it gives me space to honor and also use names I adore but that have no connection. I know some people need a really compelling reason to use 2 middles, but I’m half between “only in desperate circumstances” and “it sounded nice.” Anyway, I’m going to combo it up now:

Just for Fun

  • Alice Augusta Beatrix
  • Alice Dorothea Temperance
  • Alice Juniper Prudence
  • Alice Lydia Madeleine/Magdalene
  • Alice Rosemary Jean
  • Alice Thomasina Tinuviel
  • Alice Viviana Philomel
  • Alice Marianna Rose


  • Alice Elinor Catherine
  • Alice Margareta Jane
  • Alice Cecilia Daisy
  • Alice Daisy Josephine
  • Alice Wilhelmina Jane
  • Alice Catherine Jane
  • Alice Dorothea Elanor
  • Alice Willa Marianne

Hm, I think that’s it from now. I’m trying to be a little more reserved in my naming, since I usually have very long combos. What can I say? I like long, elaborate names. Ever since I found out Catherine is a family name on Sean’s side too (Great, great-great and great-great-great (Well she was a Kate, possibly a Catharine) grandmothers), I’ve been playing with it a lot more. It’s very prevalent on both sides, so I feel like I can include it without being a bit of an egomaniac. Also, it refers to Wuthering Heights. Not characters I’d want to name someone after, but I still like the link.

Anyway, any you like? What do you think of Alice? What are your combos for it?