I’ve been really digging Augusta lately, inspired by Chanel’s lovely double barrel, Mary Augusta, as well as her combo Martha Augusta. I think that Martha and Augusta sound like sisters; slightly severe yet friendly, and dignified as anything. It last charted in the 30s, so I think Augusta is due for revival. The male “August” names are gaining steam, so why not this equally dignified female equivalent? I think that the strait-laced aspect is more fun than anything these days. People know that you aren’t trying to sound particularly formal, given today’s casual environment, so the name comes off as funky and cool instead of stuffy and pretentious.

To me, Augusta is a stately forest green, which is interesting, considering August and Augustus are shades or orange and red. I think this is probably because of the city in Maine. I think it’s got a nice New England feel to it.

The cons to Augusta would be the very formal feel of the name in its entirety, exacerbated by the lack of nicknames aside from Gussie. If you don’t like Gussie, you have Augie, which isn’t cute at all, or Usta, which reminds me of estuary. Gusta sounds like gusto and Aug is just sort of unfortunate. So, you either use Gussie or the full name, which could be very difficult for people to envision on a tiny baby; this might delay a revival or prevent a full one. I like Gussie, though; it feels very flapper to me.

And, some combos:

  • Augusta Marianne
  • Augusta Daphne
  • Augusta Fern
  • Augusta Lucille
  • Augusta Ivy
  • Augusta Daisy
  • Augusta Ruby
  • Augusta Scarlett (usually I dislike Scarlett but I like it here)
  • Augusta Marisol

I feel like you can go with something a little less substantial in the middle, since Augusta has such heft. And I think I prefer it with one middle, just because of that same weight. I also love to play to the 20s vibe with Augusta Ruby and the like. What would you pair Augusta with?

So what do you think of Augusta? Is it due for a comeback? Am I crazy? Would you use it yourself? What kind of middles do you think work? So many questions, as usual!