I’ve been loving these two lately. I think they’re unusual and exciting, maybe a bit flighty (I’m looking at you, Henrietta) and a great way to honor an Uncle Harry or Grandpa Henry without using their names, exactly. Honestly, I just feel like singing the virtues of these two from the rooftops! I seriously am loving them.

First, Harriet. I love the sound of the name (no “hairy” problem here) and the energetic -t ending. It’s quaint and charming, and very uncommon; it last charted in the 60s, and probably isn’t due for a comeback yet. You would think it would be, but I think the consonant heavy sound keeps it on the distant, rather than near, horizon. I don’t even see it too much on message boards, which are usually decent predictors of trends. The nickname possibilities are good, too: Etta, Ette, Hattie, etc. Just avoid Harry! Some Harriet combos, off the cuff:

  • Harriet Cecilia Alice
  • Harriet Dahlia Daphne
  • Harriet Felicity Fern
  • Harriet Margareta Iris
  • Harriet Emma Jane (Jane Austen for the win!)
  • Harriet Eliza Jane

Henrietta is girlier than Harriet, no doubt about it. It also seems more “upper-class,” in much the same way Henry sounds more upper class than Harry. However, I feel as though the name might be a little too flighty for a real girl. Whichever way you slice it, it’s a whole lotta name. The sound is softer than Harriet’s, so that might make it a contender for revival down the line. Feminised male names aren’t incredibly in vogue, though (although I wouldn’t say they’re particularly unfashionable).  I think Hen or Henny is a darling nickname, and I would love to see Henrietta revived. I think I would view it as more usable if I saw it on an actual person! Again, some off the cuff ones:

  • Henrietta Dorothy Jane
  • Henrietta Georgia Beatrix
  • Henrietta Juniper Josephine
  • Henrietta Rosemary Joan/Jane
  • Henrietta Daphne
  • Henrietta Josephine

Just having some fun, as you can see; I would never name a kid Henrietta Juniper Josephine! I still think it’s awesome, though, and if I had a superhero to name, that would be it!

How do you like Harriet? Henrietta? What combos do you like, and do you have any of your own?