I thought it’d be nice to do a post on unconventional nicknames for common (or maybe uncommon, depending) names. It might help out anyone who loves Elizabeth but not Beth, Margaret but not Maggie. I’ll just make a list, since it would be way too long to talk about each one.


  • Isabella-Isa
  • Sophia -Fee, Fifi, Fia
  • Olivia -Vivi, Via, Livvy, Liv
  • Abigail -Gail
  • Elizabeth -See here.
  • Samantha -Mandy
  • Sarah -Sadie, Sally
  • Catherine/Katherine -See here. Also, Cassie.
  • Alexandra -Sandra, Sandy.
  • Amelia -Millie, Mia, Lia, Amy
  • Mary -Polly, Molly
  • Michelle -Chelle, Mickey, Mimi
  • Charlotte -Lotte, Lottie
  • Rebecca -Reba, Bex
  • Miranda -Mira, Mandy, Mimi, Mindy
  • Margaret -See here.


  • Jacob -Cob, Jay
  • Michael -Mickey, Mick, Mitch
  • Christopher -Topher, Kit, Kip
  • Anthony -Tony (most little ones I know are “just Anthony”
  • Andrew -Andy, Drew, Ander (ditto Anthony)
  • Alexander -Sandy, Sander, Xander, Alec
  • Nicholas -Cole, Klaus, Nico
  • Kevin -Vin
  • Evan -Van
  • Cameron -Ron
  • Thomas -Tam, Tip, Top
  • Connor -Connie (I think this is dashing on a boy)
  • Charles -Chuck, Chaz, Chase, Chip
  • Julian -Jules
  • Sebastian -Seb, Baz, Sebbo
  • Edward -Ward, Ned, Ted

Well, there you go. All of the original names are in the top 200, and I tried to provide nicknames that are at least a shade fresher than the usual nickname or the name itself, but I might be wrong. Also, the spellcheck is telling me Rebecca is wrong and that it should be Rebbecca. It’s trendy. 😛

What do you make of this list?