Anyone who spends a lot of time on name message boards, as I’m sure many of my illustrious readers do, knows all about “board favorites.” There’s trendy in namenerd communities just like there’s trendy in real life. To credit, board trendy names are usually much nicer than real life trendy names. However, what do you do when everyone seems to love a name you hate/dislike? Well, not much, as it’s not a big deal, but I thought that it would make an interesting post.


  • Anastasia -Overblown and trashy sounding to me.
  • Imogen -It’s alright, but I think I just dislike it because so many people think it’s the bee’s knees.
  • Evangeline/Evelyn -An old woman with a hook nose.
  • Esme -Grosses me out, seems mealy. I can stand it in the right combo, but ergh.
  • Hannah -Boring!
  • Madeleine -Boring and I hate Maddy.
  • Anneliese -Boring!
  • Abigail -Ugly and Abby is horrid.
  • Grace -Ugly look and sound.


  • JoshuaWeak and slushy.
  • Julian -Pretty boy weak.
  • Tristan -See Julian
  • Elias/Elliot/Eli -Boring, boring boring! Eli is faux Western to the max.
  • Caleb/Connor -Snot-nosed brats whose mother gives them anything they want and yells across the Gymboree parking lot, nasally: “Conooooooor, get back here! You won’t get your candy if you don’t…” while dressed in a white matching sweatsuit and pristine white shoes. WASP in the worst way.
  • Liam -Mealy and gross, also like Connor.

What are your unusual dislikes? And also, no offense to anyone bearing these names or who named their kid one. All a matter of taste, as we all know.