That’s right, Martha. I’ve been really liking it lately, matter of fact. Also, my Rufus Wainwright obsession as of late has brought me back to his sister (aren’t they a great sibset?), who is one hot tamale and my primary association with the name.

Teh hot, part two.

Teh hot, part two.

Seriously, check out those gams! Where do I get a pair? Someone needs to tell Kate McGarrigle she makes damn good-looking children.

Ahem, anyway, I know that Wainwright probably isn’t most people’s first association, but it’s enough to put Stewart out of my head and think of Martha as a really attractive name. I like the history and legitimacy, and the sound, of course. I also like that it’s terribly unpopular, at 586. My only quibble is the meaning; it comes from an Aramaic word meaning “lady,” or “mistress of the house.” This feminist isn’t too cool with that, but this normal person also realizes that few people know the meaning of names, and that it doesn’t mean anything anyway. Actually, you know what, I could care less. It doesn’t matter. However, I don’t like any nicknames for Martha; Marty makes me want to puke. I don’t think it needs a nickname, though, since it’s only 2 syllables.

No combos, just some nice Martha thoughts. I’d be more inclined to use Rufus, though, which puts Martha right out. I’m not that fan-crazy. What kinds of names would you pair Martha with? I think something light and fluffy is best. Also, how do you like Martha? Old lady, hipster cool, or cool in 10-15 years?

Full disclosure: I don’t really listen to Martha Wainwright at this point, but would really like to. Unfortunately, I’m broke. Care to donate to the Martha Wainwright CD fund? Send your money to me…it’s for CDs research…of…the CD naming market…yeah that’s it.