(Note: Please no attacking comments, either on Obama or McCain; I admire McCain and think he is a good man. I just don’t agree with his politics. I will edit or delete inflammatory comments if/as I see fit. I know my usual readers wouldn’t do that, you guys are awesome, but I don’t want any idiots doing drive by commentary.)

You knew I had to do it; something about Obama. What can I say? Even though I feel like I’ve been over-saturated with the family as of late, I really admire them and today is such an historic event; I need to do some sort of post on it. Personally, I’m feeling happy, proud, and a bit teary already. I’m so glad to be living in such a time when a country can finally overcome their prejudices and elect someone different, someone new. Being proud of my country is a nice feeling, let me tell you what. We’ve got a long row to hoe, but with someone so inspiring and intelligent at the helm, I can’t feel that things can get too much worse; Bush left the country a crap-hole but I’m confident that the coming years will see at least some improvement, even if only in women’s reproductive rights (you know Obama will be repealing the inexcusable Right of Conscience Act).  Anyway, I should probably get off my political soapbox and talk about names, as that’s what we do here.

We’ll be talking about the names of the Obama family today, probably just the immediate family; too excited! Yes, I’m shameless, but I really need to document the day here, in my own way.

  • Barack Hussein -He’s a II, can’t go wrong with that. Barack in interesting and Hussein is traditional. It’s nice, and different.
  • Michelle LaVaughn -Michelle is boring, LaVaughn sort of horrid, but the flow isn’t bad. I can excuse LaVaughn, too, since it was her grandmother’s name. Honoring granny is sometimes more important than having a nice or interesting name. Sidenote: Love the woman; she’s the epitome of class to me.
  • Malia Ann -Malia is gaw-jus. It’s a nod to Obama’s Hawaiian birthplace and just lovely sounding. Ann is most likely after Obama’s mother (I can see why they didn’t want to use Stanley!) so I can excuse the filleryness of it; I have such a name in the middle myself. Allover lovely.
  • Natasha (Sasha) -I can’t find a middle name for Sasha, so I’ll assume she doesn’t have one. Besides that (I mean, why would you give up the chance to use another name you love, or honor another family member, plus Malia has a middle name so the sibset is a little mismatched) I can’t fault too much. I prefer to see Natasha as a nickname for Natalia, but it works perfectly fine as a full name, and Sasha works as a nickname.

Yes, I’m doing this post just because of inauguration. I’m excited, though, as I imagine many Americans are. I hope you all enjoy this historic day in history, and God/Goddess/Universe/whatever, I don’t know bless the 44th President of the United States of America.