I feel like making some completely random, maybe over the top combos today. Apropos of nothing:

Pomeline Theodora Marianne
Beatrix Amelia Suzanne
Georgia Beatrix Iris
Ophelia Alice
Daphne Maria Sandrine
Shoshanna Maria Clare
Dorothea Helena Daphne
Charlotte Elinor Rose
Joanna Rosemary Kathleen
Rosemary Sabrina Adelaide
Susan Viola
Henrietta Cecily May
Lucy Iris

Alasdair Johannes Paul
Theodore Constantine Clark
Amos Peregrine George
Fintan Charles Clarence
Leopold Erasmus Horatio
Miles Leopold
Peregrine Montgomery Hugh
Rufus John Adlai
Rufus John
Rufus Alexander
Edward Horatio

Well, I feel good indulging my more fanciful thoughts. All of these are fairly off-the-cuff, no thought has really gone into them, but if any tickle your fancy, let me know!