Well, I’ve been even further engrossed into my family tree, so this morning (technically afternoon but whatever) I’ll treat you guys to some more interesting names I’ve found. I’ll probably be posting on a more regular schedule as well. I’ve put down my first payment for the semester, so I won’t be quite so stressed. Thanks for sticking around, though!

  • Jannetje Arentsen (Dutch, born 1602)
  • Ardella
  • Hennry Clay (first and middle name, born around 1891 in Maryland)
  • Minerva Briggs
  • Julian Carpenter (immigrant to US in 1623, woman!)
  • Laetitia Mae Cleaver (born 1891 in Delaware)
  • Freelove Dandley
  • Jerusha Davis
  • Amicia De Alfreton (born around 1200, tentative, of course)
  • Desire Doty (born in Plymouth colony)
  • Dorus Van Wike Doty (born around 1824, Vermont)
  • Harriet Kelly Doty (b 1816; Interesting because of Kelly on a girl. It was probably a surname, though.)
  • Ariantje Fransen (Dutch, male)

I think I’ll stop there. I’m only to the Fs and already have enough! Anything tickle anyone’s fancy?