January 2009

I know what some of you guys are probably thinking: “She’s hopped onto the frumpy wagon towards frumpville, hasn’t she?” Well, obviously I don’t think Judith (or Martha) are frumpy, but if you think they are…oh well! Actually, my recent thoughts about Judith have been prompted by yet another singer, this time Wir Sind Helden’s Judith Holofernes (born Judith Holfelder von der Tann). I’ve been quite obsessed with this band as of late, and let me say: Anyone who thinks German is an ugly language should listen to her sing. Anyway, I’m still feeling ambivalent about Judith the name, so I’ll do a post to sort it out, I think.

So, let’s start with what I like about the name Judith. First and foremostly, Judy. I think it’s a great nickname, sprightly yet adult. I even think it stands alone anymore, although I wouldn’t use it in that fashion. Second, I like the history of the name; it’s legitimate without a doubt. Third, the Wir Sind Helden singer/songwriter. She’s the awesome-sauce, without a doubt. Last, I suppose, would be the strong sound of Judith. I miss strong girl’s names. All in all, I think Judith is a nice name and a refreshing choice for a daughter these days.

Now for the cons. The name is dated, no two ways about it. It screams 40s. In addition, it reminds me of my senior year biology teacher, who was a nutcase of the highest order and sort of creepy besides. Third, I don’t think it fits with my other favorites at all, and honestly, there are a lot of names I like better. I’m also not fond of -th endings.

Hm. Judith isn’t for me, I think. It’s like knee high boots: I can admire them from afar, but they looks like hell on my short legs. Judith is very much the same. I’d love to meet little Judys but the name isn’t for me. I think it’s the Bio teacher that really put the nail in the coffin. She was freaking bizarre, and couldn’t teach besides. It’s a super-unpleasant association. Well, some Judith combos for your trouble of reading this post:

  • Judith Felicity Fern
  • Judith Viviana Eve
  • Judith Christabel/Annabel
  • Judith Lucienne
  • Judith Rosemary
  • Judith Mina Melisande

That’s it, really. Just off the cuff, since I realize I’m not wild about Judith anyway. I still think Judy is swell, though. Judit, maybe. Actually, I think I like Judit a lot better. JOO-deet. Hm. Could be Yoo-deet though, I’m not sure. I think I like it, though!

What’s your opinion, guys?

That’s right, Martha. I’ve been really liking it lately, matter of fact. Also, my Rufus Wainwright obsession as of late has brought me back to his sister (aren’t they a great sibset?), who is one hot tamale and my primary association with the name.

Teh hot, part two.

Teh hot, part two.

Seriously, check out those gams! Where do I get a pair? Someone needs to tell Kate McGarrigle she makes damn good-looking children.

Ahem, anyway, I know that Wainwright probably isn’t most people’s first association, but it’s enough to put Stewart out of my head and think of Martha as a really attractive name. I like the history and legitimacy, and the sound, of course. I also like that it’s terribly unpopular, at 586. My only quibble is the meaning; it comes from an Aramaic word meaning “lady,” or “mistress of the house.” This feminist isn’t too cool with that, but this normal person also realizes that few people know the meaning of names, and that it doesn’t mean anything anyway. Actually, you know what, I could care less. It doesn’t matter. However, I don’t like any nicknames for Martha; Marty makes me want to puke. I don’t think it needs a nickname, though, since it’s only 2 syllables.

No combos, just some nice Martha thoughts. I’d be more inclined to use Rufus, though, which puts Martha right out. I’m not that fan-crazy. What kinds of names would you pair Martha with? I think something light and fluffy is best. Also, how do you like Martha? Old lady, hipster cool, or cool in 10-15 years?

Full disclosure: I don’t really listen to Martha Wainwright at this point, but would really like to. Unfortunately, I’m broke. Care to donate to the Martha Wainwright CD fund? Send your money to me…it’s for CDs research…of…the CD naming market…yeah that’s it.

Well, since we did German names for girl yesterday, the boys get their due now. Remember, we’re sticking to obvious German names that I felt like talking about (cause it’s my blog, nyah). Also, how do you like our new look? The header is subject to change, though, if I can find a shot of my own I like enough. Onto the boy’s list of good old German names! Away!


As many of you guys probably know, I have an irrational love of big, clunky, German names. Of course, I can’t detail every German name in existence (especially when you consider that many of the most popular names in Germany are international hits and that many German names have crossed over into international use). Therefore, I’ll list off some names that are distinctively German to me, and that I love.We’ll do girls today, and boys either tomorrow or some other time. (more…)

Well, a few days/week or so after everyone else talked about Rufus, I’ve finally decided to do a post on it.

I like Rufus. I think it’s got a really nice sound and feel; hipster yet handsome, you might say. Besides the fact that Rufus Wainwright is one of my favorite singers:

Aka teh hot

Aka teh hot

So I’ve got lovely reason to use it. However, I worry about the usability and dog associations. I don’t know, but I think it would be alright in the liberal naming envoronment we enjoy today. I also worry about it being pretentious, a “hipster” type of name akin to, I guess, Sebastian. I hate Sebastian, though, and there’s worse things then being a hipster.

Some Rufus combos in my style:

  • Rufus Horatio Calvin
  • Rufus Geoffrey Calvin
  • Rufus Johannes Edward or Rufus Edward Johannes
  • Rufus Christoper Antony
  • Rufus Robert Antony
  • Rufus Frederick Paul
  • Rufus Calvin
  • Rufus Edward
  • Rufus Frederick
  • Rufus Geoffrey
  • Rufus Christopher

Any you like? I feel as though they’re a little off, but maybe there’s some good I’m not seeing. I shouldn’t have looked at everyone else’s combos first!

So what do you think of Rufus? The Rufus combos? Anything else?

Today is a day for silly guilty pleasures! Juniper is a name I’ve come to adore, but I’m entirely unconvinced that it is actually usable. The earliest Juniper I can find is a Saint Juniper, a follower of Francis of Assisi, my favorite saint. His story goes Juniper was visiting a sick brother and asked if there was anything he could do. The man requested pigs feet, so Juniper went, found a hog, and cu its foot off to give to the man. The owner of the pig was understandable angry, and St. Francis sent Juniper to apologize. Juniper didn’t understand what as so wrong, and thought that the mane shouldn’t be angry, since he had done a charitable act. The man was indignant until Juniper asked him to slaughter the hog for charity; this request softened the man’s heart and he did what was asked. St. Juniper was male, but I prefer the name on a girl. The nicknames are more feminine than masculine, I think. Jenny, Ginny, Juno, June, etc. I suppose Perry is possible for a boy, though.

I think Juniper is, first and foremostly, sprightly. The name has a lot of energy and seems springy, if you understand my meaning. However, I also think it’s a little goofy, and reminds me of giraffes. That’s where my hesitation comes in. Is the name too goofy for a kid? I think the nicknames make it more accessible, though; still, I waver. What do you think? Is it usable, or is it likely to induce teasing?

As far as combos go, I think I’ll make some off the cuff. I think Juniper needs a really good grounding name to keep it from being too flighty.

  • Juniper Margaret
  • Juniper Bridget
  • Juniper Frances
  • Juniper Hazel
  • Juniper Ingrid
  • Juniper Alison
  • Juniper Florence
  • Juniper Dorothy Cecile
  • Juniper Eliza May
  • Juniper Margareta Alice
  • Juniper Maria Adelaide
  • Juniper Theresa Catherine

And just for fun: Henrietta Juniper Mae. Very flighty.

So, what do you think of Juniper? Do you prefer it in the middle or the front? (I’m starting to think I prefer it in the middle.) Any combos tickle your fancy?

(Note: Please no attacking comments, either on Obama or McCain; I admire McCain and think he is a good man. I just don’t agree with his politics. I will edit or delete inflammatory comments if/as I see fit. I know my usual readers wouldn’t do that, you guys are awesome, but I don’t want any idiots doing drive by commentary.)

You knew I had to do it; something about Obama. What can I say? Even though I feel like I’ve been over-saturated with the family as of late, I really admire them and today is such an historic event; I need to do some sort of post on it. Personally, I’m feeling happy, proud, and a bit teary already. I’m so glad to be living in such a time when a country can finally overcome their prejudices and elect someone different, someone new. Being proud of my country is a nice feeling, let me tell you what. We’ve got a long row to hoe, but with someone so inspiring and intelligent at the helm, I can’t feel that things can get too much worse; Bush left the country a crap-hole but I’m confident that the coming years will see at least some improvement, even if only in women’s reproductive rights (you know Obama will be repealing the inexcusable Right of Conscience Act).  Anyway, I should probably get off my political soapbox and talk about names, as that’s what we do here.

We’ll be talking about the names of the Obama family today, probably just the immediate family; too excited! Yes, I’m shameless, but I really need to document the day here, in my own way.


Just a short one today, went out shopping and  carousing earlier, so let’s do another found of family tree names! I worked on the tree yesterday so I should have some new ones. Excuse any repeats:


  • Damaris
  • Christiana
  • Freelove Bliss (different Freelove than last time!)
  • Maa (wtf?)
  • Content
  • Wait
  • Freeborn
  • Bethiah


  • Alphenus
  • Rowland
  • Sylvanus (I can’t even comprehend the awesome of this name)

Just moved into my dorm again, so it might be a few days before I post. Have to get used to having a roommate!

I thought it might be interesting to talk about names that I think might be on the cusp as far as usability. Of course, in today’s lax naming environment, almost anything is possible, but these names have something, an association, probably, that might keep them from being comfortable to live with. Any good parent should take into account the associations with a given name; after all, Jezebel is a pretty sound, isn’t it? (Personally I think Jezebel gets a bad rap, but that’s beside the point.) Some of these names I find usable, but maybe only because I run in name-nerd circles on the internet. We tend to have a broader definition of “usable.” Anyway, as always, to the lists!


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