I’ve been liking Eliza more and more as a stand-alone lately. I think it’s spunky and feminine, but also serviceable as a full name. Now, usually, I would advise against using a nickname as a full name, but I love Eliza so much, and would hate for my Elizabeth to become a Beth or Ellie. No offense to any one with those names, but they’re so pedestrian to me. I just yawn at the thought of another Ellie! Then again, Eliza could be further shortened to Ellie…wouldn’t that suck if I went for Eliza to avoid Ellie and ended up with it anyway?

Another reason I would be disinclined to use Eliza is the fact that Elizabeth is my middle name, and Eliza feels a little egotistical to me. I hate to think of naming a child after myself; it’s a practice I don’t particularly like. Like I said, feels egotistical and just, well, downright selfish. Why deprive a child of an original name? Why give them a carbon copy of Mom or Dad? I like naming after other relatives, but a mother or father is just too close for me. I have the exact name as my grandmother, and I think it’s pretty nifty, given the fact that I never met the woman. However, I’d hate to share a name with my mom, either in the first or middle spot. As it is, we both have an Elizabeth variant, but they’re different enough to be distinct. I don’t think Eliza stands far enough from Elizabeth for me to be comfortable with it.

Well, quibbles aside, here are some Eliza combos:

  • Eliza Harriet
  • Eliza Viola Marian
  • Eliza Dorothea
  • Eliza Marietta Clare
  • Eliza Margaret
  • Eliza Marguerite
  • Eliza Marietta Grace (a name found in my family tree travels: She was the last woman in my grandmother’s line who was born in Ireland)
  • Eliza Sharon
  • Eliza Marisol
  • Eliza Caroline
  • Eliza Daphne
  • Eliza Cecilia Pearl

Whimsical ones:

  • Eliza Isabella Adelaide
  • Eliza Armina Daisy
  • Eliza Shoshanna
  • Eliza Geesje Marian
  • Eliza Carmelita
  • Eliza Lark
  • Eliza Araminta Danae

See? I could just go all day. Armina is a name I’ve found a few generations back, and I’m really intrigued by it. Geejse was either the first or middle name of one of my first American ancestors, the child of a Dutch man and woman who emigrated to Fishkill, New York in the 1600s. Isabella Adelaide was one of Armina’s children, I think: her twin was Anna Isabella. Carmelita is the surname of a woman who married a  great uncle, and Caroline was a great great grandmother. Cecilia has taken on new meaning to me since I’ve found that my folk are from Cecil County, Maryland on my grandfather’s side, and Marietta is a new whimsical love. Marian is an ancestor and also an alternate spelling of Marion, a few greats back aunt who was an Oxford educated professor. Intelligent, independent women must run in the family. Marion was afraid of becoming a spinster but would not marry for anything but love; unfortunately, she died at age 29, and never married. I’ve been really into my genealogical research, if you can’t tell, and it’s informed my naming in a big way. I find names that I wouldn’t have given a second look to fascinating, and my head is just full of them. Please, though, tell me if I need to get back to names and away from genealogy; I can’t promise you much but I can promise I will try, even if I need to write a second blog about my ancestry. Sorry for the rambles, I didn’t mean to, I promise!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my novel! Share your thoughts, please!