As I mentioned none too subtly in my Floral Names post, I love the name Fern. I think it’s just gorgeous, feminine without frills, with a great image. Ferns are beautiful plants, if you ask me. Spores are a pretty cool way of reproducing, too. Anyway, I love Fern in part because of its highly unfashionable sound. F is fairly out of vogue, and the consonant rich sound is certainly not the most popular thing nowadays. It seems that Fern only fits into one trend, the botanical trend. I hope it doesn’t get too popular, but honestly, I don’t think it will. Like I said, the sound is so unfashionable, but not because it’s ugly, at least in my eyes. I think it would really pleasantly surprise people.

I have a lot of trouble pairing Fern, as I imagine I would have with any and all one syllable names. By and large, I prefer longer names with nicknames, so I don’t have a lot of experience matching short names with middles. My personal rule of two out of three names must honor also makes it a little more difficult to work with in reality. Honestly, I would probably put Fern in the middle were I ever to use it. Well, let’s try some combos!

First Name, Two-Thirds Rule
Fern Cecilia Marguerite
Fern Philomena Lisette
Fern Margareta Therese
Fern Dorothea Lisette
Fern Dorothea Daisy
Fern Margareta Lisette
Fern Deborah Marguerite

First Name, Whatever Fits
Fern Ophelia Jane
Fern Dorothea Prudence
Fern Amelia Corinne
Fern Viola Cecile
Fern Viola Sandrine

One Middle
Fern Lavinia
Fern Eliza
Fern Dorothea
Fern Cecilia
Fern Penelope

In the Middle
Georgia Beatrix Fern (An oldie)
Dorothea Margaret Fern
Margaret Theresa Fern
Margareta Philomena Fern
Cecily Margareta Fern

I’d really love to use Margaret or Margareta in the first spot, due to the myriad nickname possibilities. I think it’s such a stunning name in full, and it honors my grandmother, who was an absolute angel and the only grandparent I knew. I’d love to find a Margaret/a Fern combo that works for me. I quite like Cecily Margareta Fern, though. Cecily is so sprightly and Margareta adds a weight, I think.

So, talk to me about Fern, and please, weigh in on my combos! I could use some help, even though these are off the top of my head.