Just a short post tonight on names that still scream “old man” to me. When I hear these names, I just think of a red-nosed grumpy old guy wearing an ugly jacket and mumbling about those damn kids. Not to say I don’t like some of these, but they’re elderly to me for sure.

  • Frank: Even after knowing one in elementary school.
  • Francis: Even after knowing one in high school.
  • Gus: Also screams “annoying television groundhog”
  • Roger
  • Carl
  • Roy
  • Norman
  • Warren
  • Harold
  • Walter
  • Lloyd
  • Elmer
  • Wallace
  • Sidney
  • Horace
  • Elbert

Just a short sampling of the grumpy old guys. Some of them are charming (Wallace, Frank), some just old (Elmer, Horace) and some… special (Elbert). OF course there are also the “cool old guy” names like Clifton, Frederick and Otis, but that is another post for another day. It is 10:30 here and I’m too tired to write much of anything. Talk to you tomorrow!