D is a pretty damn unfashionable starting letter right now, especially for girls. It is rivaled only by F and W it seems. However, I like a few names beginning with this poor overlooked letter, and I’m here to give them their due. Check the graph, courtesy of Laura Wattenberg’s Name Voyager:


As you can see, highly unfashionable names. Which means I must love them, right? That seems to be the way it goes.

  • Dahlia and Daisy: I’ve already covered these two in the Floral Names post. They might be making a comeback, too.
  • Daphne: I love Daphne with the fire of a billion suns, I really do. However, the Sean-y one cannot get past the Scooby Doo connection, even after I got him watching Frasier. I mean, Daphne Moon isn’t the best namesake, she wasn’t a very smart character (but very kind), but she’s loads better than that animated tart. Velma was always my gal. Anyway, I love Daphne’s sound, rarity, and mythological pedigree. I don’t really have any combos, but some may be forthcoming. I just think that Daphne can really suit any kind of girl, and screams elegance.
  • Dolores: Yeah, I know. I wouldn’t saddle a child with Dolores. I love the sound and the nickname of Dolly, though. Honestly, it’s not even the meaning that puts me off. Even though it means “sorrows” it refers to the Virgin Mary, and I’m not a subscriber to that religious memo. I mean, it still means sorrows but it’s not that meaningful to me. Once I saw someone describe it really beautifully in religious terms, but I can’t find that right now. If I do, I’ll post it.
  • Dorothea/Dorothy: I used to prefer Dorothy, but lean much more towards Dorothea nowadays. I love the frilliness in this one, God knows why. Usually I hate frills, but Dorothea seems strong in a way Isabella doesn’t, you dig? Dorothy’s also the name of Sean’s grandmother who is an absolutely sweet woman. Just an added bonus. Also, I don’t see all the hubbub about Oz. I mean, it’s not like it’s an awful namesake.
  • Deborah: Frumpy maybe, but the meaning is very cute. I love this spelling but don’t particularly care for the ‘debra’ sound. Deb-BORE-ah would make me very happy, but I don’t know if it’s legit or not. Debbie isn’t even that bad to my ear. I also know a wonderful Deb who’s like a second mother to me, so I’m probably unforgivably biased.
  • Delia: Very sweet, either as a nickname for Cordelia or alone. I’m actually quite surprised this one hasn’t caught on. It’s feminine, ends in a, and old-fashioned. Probably wouldn’t use it myself (I knew one who was not very pleasant, and also pronounced it wrong, duh-lee-uh), but Delia is very charming.

So, what are your favorite D names? What do you think of mine?

And a postscript: Finals next week, and then I’ll be home for a month. Posting may not be too regular as I might have to use the awful home computer; we don’t have wireless. Well, it’s not awful, really, but I hate being tethered there, and I have to share it with my little brothers. Hopefully I’ll be as regular as ever, though.