Well, I thought it might be interesting to do a post on names that I like but may be culturally inappropriate but I love for some reason for another. Now, by culturally inappropriate I mean names that might be out of place or just weird on my likely whitey white children, or out of place in my heritage. I’m of German, English and Irish descent with a boyfriend who’s mostly the same. And I felt like doing a post on boys’ names, since I don’t really discuss them enough.

  • Alasdair: I am in no way Scottish. I know that the random person on the street doesn’t know what, but, well, I don’t know. Does it seem culture-grabby? I just love the sound, and do plan to visit the country someday. Sean has and he loved it, and he wants to go back, hopefully with me! I mean, this is a potential actual name I would consider, so, tell me: Is it too Scottish for a  non-Scot, no-Scottish-heritage person to use?
  • Antony: I love the sound, and find it miles better than Anthony. I would use this in reference to a family Tony on my boyfriend’s side who unfortunately passed away. He was Italian, but I’m not. It just seems to Italian to me, that I’m not sure if it would be out of place. However, this is a middle choice, so I’m not too worried about it.
  • Ivan: I will never use Ivan in all probability, but I’ve toyed around with it. Too Russian? I’ve heard of Asian children with this name, so I’m inclined to say no.
  • Johannes: I love Johannes. I think it’s handsome and unusual while being classic. I know that it is primarily seen as German, and I have that heritage, but I’m not sure if it’s too German, if you understand. I don’t want to be that person who is like 1/300th Irish and uses Riley or somesuch. It seems to be quite popular in Sweden and Norway though, so I guess it would not be strange to use it, as Adelheid or something would be. What do you think? Would you be put out to see a young American Johannes?
  • Leif: I like the “Leaf” pronunciation. End of story.
  • Niels: I think this is such a smooth name. Again, I probably wouldn’t use it because the “kneels” pronunciation can give way to way too many sex jokes in junior high school. However, I think this is a more debonair Niles (which I love as well).
  • Nikolai: Another Russian name of awesomeness. I’d love it with the nickname Nik/co, but wouldn’t use it. The Nick sound is too commonplace for me. The name is so awesome in full though. I love Alexei as well, but the Alex sound is the same as Nick; too common.
  • Stavros: No way would I ever use Stavros. It’s too Greek, too religious, and just too damn sexy. Seriously, I would feel awkward calling my son this. It’s just one of those names for me. It’s a total guilty pleasure, though; I’m inexplicably drawn to it.

So yes, my weird loves from around the globe. Remember, when I say “culturally inappropriate” I don’t mean that names shouldn’t cross over. I just mean that I might feel a little hesitant using these because I feel they are very tied to a certain country/culture and might be out of place on a child of mine.

What are your favorite “culturally inappropriate” names?