Well, I’ve been trying to percolate on some combos for Lucy and Lucinda, and it’s been a bit of a tough go. I love Lucy with Marguerite, but with something else in the middle. The problem is everything sounds so overblown, since I’m really stuck on A enders for the middle. Here’s some of my best attempts at Lucy A-ending-name Marguerite, and a random one:

  • Lucy Miranda Marguerite
  • Lucy Matilda Marguerite
  • Lucy Fiona Marguerite
  • Lucy Cecilia Marguerite
  • Lucy Dolores Marguerite

I also changed some of the Marguerites to Margo and ended up with these:

  • Lucy Athena Margo
  • Lucy Beatrix Margo
  • Lucy Cecilia Margo

I also tried some 2 name combos and ended up with these, although I’m pretty meh about all of them.

  • Lucy Iris
  • Lucy Frances
  • Lucy Philomel
  • Lucy Therese
  • Lucy Fern

I also tried out some Lucinda ones. A lot of Lucinda Cecilias. I just love the two names together; I think the hissiness and double a is lovely.

  • Lucinda Cecilia Marguerite (too much, I think, besides being a little old sounding, but I’m irrationally loving it)
  • Lucinda Cecilia Rose
  • Lucinda Cecilia Eve
  • And Lucinda Cecilia Philomel, the standby
  • Lucinda Petra Philomel
  • Lucinda Daphne Marguerite
  • Lucinda Roswitha Jane
  • Lucinda Iris
  • Lucinda Margaret

And one with a Lucy in the middle:

  • Viola Lucille

So, hit me with it guys: any keepers? Ideas and mix and match are always welcome. I feel like I need a good long Lucy break after this; I love the name, but I feel like I’ve been overthinking it. I don’t see why I feel such a burning need for a combo, but such is the name nerd’s life, I guess. I think I’m just loving her too much to let it go. I’m also a bit rusty with the combo making, and just overall feeling Lucied out.